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Winter Chill-Out


By Review by AWIA MARKEY

Putting their own twist on Southern food is casual restaurant space Roast Republic in Sydney.

As the weather turns chilly I say it’s the perfect time to indulge in soul warming chilli meals like Jambalaya and Roast Republic’s insanely good Pineapple Jalapeño Margherita.

Everyone at the table ordered a second Margherita, the flavours were so delicious.

Back in 2010 I travelled through the USA to interview southern and soul food chefs and home cooks to write and publish my book SOULICIOUS, and am always on the lookout here in Australia for soul food offerings.

Roast Republic’s signature Shrimp & Chicken Jambalaya
features juicy Aussie prawns and a bowl full of flavour.

Also on the menu was Southern-fried crispy chicken, Mississippi shrimp and grilled squid with house made chimichurri, and traditional French origin Louisiana Andouille sausage – the latter not often available in Australian restaurants.

Some of the other offerings include blackened chicken, Carolina BBQ pork skewers, and fried cauliflower and Philly cheese baked Jalapeño poppers which were great.

Texas BBQ is also on the menu but I’m saving that for my next visit.

I was disappointed with the dessert offerings – which I personally felt didn’t quite represent. My travels included Peach Cobbers, and towering iced Pound Cakes, Red Velvet Cakes, and Syllabubs. But you might not have room to indulge in those desserts anyway!

If you want a taste of southern soul the next time you visit Sydney, this is a good spot to indulge for lunch or dinner.