Tree-O Art Gallery

Immerse yourself in works from some of the best visual artists in the region at the beautiful Tree- O Gallery in Raleigh. Their newest exhibition of featured artists runs through till September and includes ceramics, painting and drawing.

By Anna Dowd

What: TREE-O art exhibition
Where: TREE-O Art Gallery, 7 Pike Drive, Raleigh
When: 6 JULY


My greatest inspiration for my work is the light and energy I find in the Australian bush. I resonate with the spirit of place and delight in finding symbiotic configurations in nature. The reductive process of engraving into the paint with textured gestural marks, reveals light and illuminates the atmosphere.


Art has been my special thing for all of my life and due to a series of fortunate events I have been able to live my life with it as my compass. My family has been the wind. My work has a narrative edge, expressing an idea or story to enhance my connection to this world. I have come to ceramics fairly late in my artistic career, delving into printmaking, painting and silversmithing for the last 30 years in a full-time capacity. Clay was a natural step into a three-dimensional way to explore my narratives.  It is safe to say I am obsessed and have found a medium where all of my disciplines can happily sit and play together nicely.


I get pleasure from creating a painting from concept to completion – it is a kind of therapy. Mostly I paint imagined landscapes or waterscapes that attempt to convey a sense of tranquillity, space and peace.


My pieces are founded in realism, with an emphasis on drawing and observation of the natural world, working towards engaging the viewer with a sense of silence and a moment of reflection which is enhanced by the use of strong design and bold colour.


I have worked in ceramics for the past twenty years. My main body of work is based on functional ware.  I love producing works that people can use and enjoy every day. I use porcelain either white, coloured or a myriad of combinations.


Rae’s Bottles Remix, and A Small Garden Of Dreams are hand built ceramic sculptures. Both pieces are a product of and reference to the process of change and becoming. Rae’s Bottles Remix references a painting made by Jude Rae of old steel bottles. I made the bottles three dimensional again, this time in clay and using a subtle colour palate not found in the original bottles. The object becomes itself – separate from but informed by the process of change. A Small Garden of Dreams evokes a becoming. The blue objects float upwards – perhaps from the deep unconscious into the in-between world of the dream state. Perhaps being in a garden means we can cultivate them.

Top: Artwork by Lyn Skillings. Above: Rae’s Bottles Remix by Dave Tucker.

Open Hours: MON-FRI: 10am-4pm | SAT-SUN: 10am-3pm

What: TREE-O art exhibition
Where: TREE-O Art Gallery, 7 Pike Drive, Raleigh
When: 6 JULY