Body That Bliss

Heading to the Mid North Coast, Gumbaynggirr’s own Yt DiNGO kicks off his highly anticipated East Coast AUS to UK Tour.

Born and bred in Gumbaynggirr country, Yt DiNGO is the eclectic hybrid artist known for his howling metal melodic vocals, poetic rhymes, storytelling, videos, and unorthodox dance moves. He is set to deliver a mind-bending performance that defies genres and ignites the senses.

Yt DiNGO’s new single ‘Body that Bliss’ is set to release just before the tour, promising to get bodies dancing and add even more depth to his already captivating repertoire.

His music is not just a performance; it’s a transformative experience that celebrates and protects our connection to the land, water, fire, and sky.

After years of honing his craft, working alongside top artists like Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams, receiving awards, and performing at major festivals, Yt DiNGO is ready to unleash his unique blend of anti-pop, rock, hiphop, roots, and dance. This tour also marks his journey to Scotland, reconnecting with his roots and heritage, and further enriching his music with deep cultural ties.

Why You Can’t Miss This Tour: Imagine a night with no boundaries, a dance pit with no rules, and Yt DiNGO’s raw energy on stage. With RedBelly (Indigenous DJ), weaving his soulful, gritty tunes into a soundscape that will make you move, this tour is a sonic journey you won’t want to miss. Yt DiNGO’s performances are a hypnotic dance and lyrical feast, captivating audiences with tales of ancestral ties and the importance of protecting our natural world.

Adding to the magic of the night, the tour will feature support acts from local Gumbaynggirr musician Manduway Dutton and internationally known DJ and producer Coco Varma. And, there just might be a surprise guest (shhh, Clark Webb) performing one of the latest singles, “Ngarraanga Wajaarr,” live!

Get Your Tickets Now:

Tickets are $20 online presale or $25 cash at the door. Join us for a night that will uplift your spirit and awaken your senses. Grab your tickets and let’s turn it up with Yt DiNGO, RedBelly, and special guests! Don’t miss out on this transformative experience where music, movement, and storytelling collide in a spectacular celebration of life and heritage.

WHERE Bellingen Memorial Hall WHEN 26 July | 7.30pm

WHERE Jetty Beach House, Coffs Harbour WHEN 27 July | 7pm


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