TAFEKirstie Frederickson

All Mixed Up

A collaborative exhibition of graduating visual arts and ceramics diploma students

What: all mixed up exhibition
Where: tree-0 gallery, raleigh
When: 15 - 22 June

A dynamic exhibition of graduating students from TAFE’s Diploma of Visual Arts and Ceramics opens Saturday 15th June at Tree-O Gallery in Raleigh.

All Mixed Up presents the work of both visual arts and ceramics students who have spent the past 18 months learning new skills and developing their individual creative practices.

The exhibition provides a hybrid experience for the local community in celebration of the conceptual and material diversity of each individual’s art practice.

The display spans across 2D and 3D works, functional and sculptural objects.

“Our visual arts and ceramics courses provide students with fantastic practical skills in making work. Many local artists began their journey at TAFE and now have established studios all over the Coffs Coast” says Sara Bowen, Head Teacher of Media, Arts, Design and Entertainment.

A resurgence of interest in the hand-made and a collective shift away from the mass produced, has not only led many people to take up creative courses but there is also a greater appreciation of unique and locally produced artwork in the community.

“Creative courses such as ceramics or visual arts can be an antidote to our fast paced, screen-based way of life with a calming and therapeutic effect on the brain.

It’s easy to see why people get hooked!” said teacher Cath Fogarty.

“The Diploma of Visual Arts is a stepping stone to university for me” says recent graduate Olivia Horsley, “I have gained a lot of confidence through my developing my skills and broadening my art practice”.

Other graduates of TAFE’s creative courses go on to find jobs in the creative sector or start their own businesses.

The exhibition opens Saturday 15 June between 4-6pm at Tree-O Gallery, Raleigh and continues until 22 June.

What: all mixed up exhibition
Where: tree-0 gallery, raleigh
When: 15 - 22 June