10 Ways to Celebrate Winter Solstice

Humans have celebrating winter solstice – the shortest day and the longest night – for thousands of years so this month we’ve gathered up some fun, new, and old ways to embrace the 21st of June in our corner of the world.

Light a candle or a wood fire

Traditionally a celebration of the sun’s return, it’s the point in the year when daylight hours start getting longer – building up to the longest day on Summer Solstice. Light a candle or make a fire to celebrate all things light, solar and cyclical.


Celebrate a new solar year, the awesomeness of the natural world, and the end of the financial year

by making a tax-deductible donation to one of the many environmental organisations in our region.

Gather with Community

Annual Community celebrations are becoming more common like the gatherings at Boambee East Community Centre, Kalang, and Grafton with the Friends of Grafton Gallery Annual Winter Solstice Soup Day. Keep an eye out for goings on at your local halls and galleries or kick off a new community tradition.

Look at the night sky

Head to Town Green Park in Port Mac on a Friday night at 5.30- 8.30pm for a telescope viewing hosted by Port Macquarie Observatory. Winter on the MNC is apparently the perfect time of year for star gazing.

Stay In

Set yourself up with a warm bath and some mulled wine for a long moment of quiet. The longest night of the year surely deserves the longest sleep of the year too.

Daalga Nginundi Wajarr, Sing your Country

Get yourself to Yarilla Arts and Museum to experience this stunning audio visual artwork informed by Yuludarla’s journey from north to south, exploring miirlarl, culture and history, through song and cinema

Take a Plunge

Get inspired by Tasmania’s Dark Mofo winter festival closing ceremony which involves thousands of people taking a nude plunge in the Derwent River as the sun rises. Gather your people and scope out fresh and saltwater options for a memorable new tradition.

Make a Lantern

Get your craft on with a DIY lantern making session. A glass jar, glue stick, some leaves and a candle is enough to get you going. Take a mid-winter nigh time walk in nature with your creation-any kids in your life will dig it.

Feast on Plenty

Host a potluck feast for family and friends. Cook with seasonal produce for dishes like your classic pumpkin soup, carrot cake and orange hot chocolate – all colours of the sun that happen to be also packed with good stuff to keep those pesky colds away.

Cast a Shadow

Cool experiment – stand outside at noon and cast a shadow. This will be the longest shadow you make all year.